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More Then Just Detox!

Welcome! I am Kara Lovehart and I am the creator of the Mind Body Detox Program!  I am so glad you are here!

If you have found me, chances are we were meant to cross paths!  

I am not here to help with just a juice cleanse or temporary detox.  

I am here guiding you to completely transform your life, one step at a time, meeting you where you are at, and YOU controlling the pace.

Yes, were are living in a toxic world full of chemicals that are contributing to disease!

Yes, we are bombarded with negativity, toxic people, & mindset blocks!

Yes, it seems like the world is turning completely upside down some days, BUT

 This toxic reality CAN someday become an empowering story we share with others in order to help them TOO find healing.

This story is your story. Our story. One that is ready to be re-written!

If you are still reading this, chances are you are looking to change your life, and/or feel your purpose is to help the world in some way.  You may be a teacher, parent, wellness practitioner, helper of the earth, people & animals, or you just deeply know you are meant to be of service.  

You may be struggling with toxicity in ANY area mind, body, or spirit.  

Maybe you are dealing with toxic people, food or substances, unhealthy patterns, or health problems.

You may even identify as an empath or are energy sensitive  and are not even sure how you will manage to find vitality & balance in order to continue to serve the world.

This program is specifically for those who are looking to change their lives one step at a time.

This program addresses what YOU decide to work on.  

You Could Choose to Work On:

  • Food
  • Weight
  • Confidence
  • Negativity
  • Self-sabotage
  • Procrastination
  • Relationships-Family, Friends, Or Partnerships
  • Creativity
  • Spirituality or Intuition
  • Professional or Money Blocks

You could also wish to gain more energy awareness and find more balance between your spirituality, health, and everyday life.  

This program also teaches more about how to detox your physical body, home, personal care products, & even cleanse your spiritual space.

Mind Body Detox® Solo 2 Week Program Curriculum

The Mind Body Detox® 2 Week Solo Program is a great jump start for your wellness journey and is fantastic if you are unsure if the full 8 week program is right for you at this time.

How Does It Work Exactly?

The Mind Body Detox® Solo program will guide you through 2 weeks of the program.  

Week 1- Each day you will explore 1 Module with included exercises, recipes, meditations, & videos.

In week 1, we will explore your toxin from 7 foundations for wellness.  You will specifically explore how well you Metabolize Energy.  "Energy Metabolism" refers to the overall integration & balance in Mind, Body, & Spirit.  

Week 1 will give you insight on how to uproot your toxin of choice by getting to the core of the problem:  Imbalance in Energy Metabolism.

The Mind Body Detox® Solo Program will give you access to all the material for 3 months so you can go at your own pace!



Mind Body Detox® Solo 2 Week Program Includes:

  • Online Program Access for 90 Days

  • Daily Informational Videos

  • Daily Journal Prompts & Exercises

  • Printable Weekly Tracking Sheets

  • Guided Meditation Recordings

  • Meal Plan & Smooth Recipes

  • Online Community Group

Bonus Material

Included in the Mind Body Detox® Solo 2 Week Program

  • Mind Body Detox LIVE Webinars

    3 LIVE Webinars throughout the program covering common blocks, tips, as well as inspirational & motivational information!

  • Self-Care Reflexology Instruction

    Learn basic tools & techniques for Mind Body Detox foot reflexology for self-care.

  • Community Mind Body Detox Facebook Group

    Join our online Facebook group exclusively for Mind Body Detox Community members!


Samm Smeltzer- The HR Intuitive & CEO of Leadership Arts Associates

This program helps increase self-awareness which I think everyone needs! Kara is a knowledgeable and extremely gifted professional! This program will meet you where you are!

Life Is Your Closet & This Is Your Spring Cleaning!This

Bobbi Billman- HR Director Central York School District & Owner of Ignite Yoga & Wellness

Think of this Detox like de-cluttering. What do you want less of in your life? Life is your closet, and this is your spring cleaning!


Sarah Samuelson

It really is WHOLE HEALING! Personalized instead of "Cookie Cutter!" The intake was amazing and the value of all you get is amazing! LIFE CHANGING!


Ellen Blair

Amazing Journey! You will learn stuff about yourself that will free you! "I would do this program over & over!"


Michelle Wiley

I had been through several years of 12 step programs, counseling, & programs for addictive behavior, but the Mind Body Detox gave me an enjoyable, user-friendly program that I WAS ABLE TO INCORPORATE INTO MY REAL LIFE in a comprehensive holistic way! The techniques I learned & the tools given can be applied across the board to ANY issue you want to detox from your life! I am still using tools & techniques and applying them to other aspects of my life"

Kara Lovehart & Her Crew Are Magical AF!

Tina Dexter

Mind Body Detox for me is a lifestyle not just a program! You are what you put into yourself! I have received so many blessings, awakenings, life changing decisions & views, emotions, etc... Kara Lovehart and her crew are magical AF! And so are you!!! What are you waiting for?! Join this Program AND TRULY START LIVING!!!

The Detox Dilemma

Among the biggest source of frustration I had come across in my professional journey was the lack of integration & client empowerment in the health & wellness field.  This lack of integration can lead us down a wild rabbit hole leading to more questions and feeling more victimized by our circumstances.

You may have tried so many things only to get just one piece of your healing puzzle before either giving up, or moving on to a new practitioner, product, or service.  

This is when clients would find me.

They came to me asking questions like:

  • Why can't I lose weight?
  • Why can't I find my soul mate or partner?
  • How can I get out of pain for good?
  • I know something is "wrong" and all the doctors say I am fine.  What can I do?
  • How can I detox from negative emotions & energy?
  • How do I open up my intuition OR control my intuitive sensitivity?
  • How do I quit my crutches? *Crutches like sweets, smoking, coffee, emotional eating, & others!
  • How do I even begin to make theses changes with my busy life AND make them last!?

These questions and the transformations that came along with their answers were the foundation for the creation of this program.

Medical Intuition & the Birth of Mind Body Detox

The Mind Body Detox Program was birthed from my first hand experience helping clients using my own intuitive skill set as a medium & medical intuitive, as well as my ongoing training in all things holistic medicine.  

I still remember my first experience sharing a medical intuitive reading with a colleague who had no clue of my intuitive perspectives.  

I knew she had a headache, where it was located, what foods and emotional stressors that had caused it, and what she could do to help alleviate it. 

The intuitive perspective I carry led me to not only become very curious of the capacity of intuitive accuracy and outcomes, but also led me to surprisingly become hyper skeptical of even my own readings!  *Even when my readings we highly detailed & accurate.

This skeptical perspective helped me to understand more how my intuition worked on a scientific level in order to have the language and compassion to help those who may otherwise not be open to the "Woo Woo" nature of what I do.

I also found it much easier to help those with a logical scientific mindset become more open to the possibility of innate intuition, thus leading them to connect with their own internal guidance.  

Whether you are open or skeptical, my work is dedicated to bridge the gap between the spiritual & the scientific, the mind & the body, the light & shadow, allowing us to find healing & wholeness through integration of the many aspects of ourselves as human beings.

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Mind Body Detox® Solo 2 Week Program

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