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I remember the first time I set food into a health food store thinking that I would be making the best decision for my health!  Wow was I mistaken!  I was overwhelmed, and spent what seemed like a fortune! Eating Healthy doesn't mean you have to shop only at health food stores and eating well is a process & starts with just one single step.  

In this pre-recorded webinar we will cover basics of how to save money while eating healthy.  I have included basic handouts to help with organizing your grocery list and making your weekly meal plans.

Included are resources for finding local grass fed meat, you local CSA, and some local to Central PA Health Coaches for further guidance.

Hoping you score TONS of deals and eat like a King/Queen after enjoying this webinar!

Warmth & Wellness,

Kara Lovehart

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Eating Healthy On A Budget

This pre-recorded webinar includes 1 hour of content, handouts for meal planning & grocery lists, as well as links for locating local resouces near you!